2019 Customer Experience Conference. Superior Customer Experience — The Winner Takes It All

Data: 01-03 maja 2019


Miejsce: San Antonio, Texas, USA


Organizator: LOMA


Koszt uczestnictwa: 1 285 -2 125 USD


Opis organizatora:


"For many businesses, customer experience is just a buzzword, either because they believe it’s a passing fad or because they have no idea how to apply the concept. Unfortunately, the companies ignoring the customer experience will find it increasingly difficult to compete because it has become more important than the products you offer. Now, it’s all about the experience.


Companies that offer best-in-class customer experiences grow faster and more profitably. To reach this level, insurers must relentlessly improve customer journeys across channels and business functions.


At the 2019 Customer Experience Conference, learn how to shape the future of your customer experience strategies to drive improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy."


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01 maja 2019


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