Customer Experience Leaders Exchange

Data: 27-28 listopada 2018


Miejsce: Yarra, Australia


Organizator: IQPC, CX network


Koszt uczestnictwa: brak informacji, uczestnictwo za zaproszeniem


Opis organizatora:


"An Exchange is a unique, invitation-only meeting driven event with pre-scheduled one-on-one private meetings between pre-qualified solution providers and senior decision-makers. Thought provoking conference sessions, executive roundtables, and innovative networking opportunities round out the agenda, resulting in two days of focused, structured business development and information exchange.


Customer Experience Leaders Exchnage (CXLE) is focused on only the most senior decision makers for customer experience. Like you, they will be in the midst of their own customer experience transformation, and are looking to share their insights into their own experiences and learn from yours.


To ensure the Exchange offers the highest degree of relevancy, only senior executives responsible for the design, development and delivery of their customer experience strategies and solutions are invited to attend. This exclusive format allows you to connect with those peers whose insights you respect most – through exceptional networking, business meetings and strategic information sharing sessions."


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27 listopada 2018

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