Customer Experience strategies Summit

Data: 23-24 kwietnia 2018


Miejsce: Toronto, ON, Canada


Organizator: Strategy Institute


Koszt uczestnictwa: 1 895 - 3 585 USD netto


Opis organizatora:


"TOP 5 reasons to attend:


Customize your approach to grow your business using multichannel.Learn about the different multichannel models that will work for your business. Identify the key differences, preferences and strategies for omni-channel success.


Network with a diverse CX leadership group. Acquire actionable insights from a uniquely broad group of speakers. Tackle your biggest CX challenges: from beginners setting up new CX departments to mature industry professionals.


Discover where AI and the future of data fit into your CX model.This is the only event to cut through emerging software ‘sales talk’ to support better investment decisions. Find out what works now… and what will work in the future.


Put CX at the heart of your operations, talent, and culture.Discover where you stand in the competitive landscape and identify what needs to change to adapt to the digital age. Find out where


Transform CX from silo to company-wide outlook.Learn training, implementation, and leadership strategies to go beyond a customer-first culture."


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23 kwietnia 2018

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