Digital Customer Experience Strategies Summit

Data: 17-18 września 2018


Miejsce: Chicago, IL, USA


Organizator: Strategy Institute


Koszt uczestnictwa: 2 195 - 3 290 USD netto


Opis organizatora:


"Impactful customer experience demands digital. A recent Forrester report indicates that 72% of major businesses say that improving customer service is a top priority. 63% intend to exploit technology to reach this goal.


Harness rapid technological changes, data analysis demands, and consumer requests for personalized services to unlock growth. Join the key players in digital customer experience and discuss the latest developments. Through thought-provoking presentations, interactive sessions, and Q&A periods, take away strategies to:


  • Amplify messaging – omni-channel strategies
  • Increase loyalty – personalized service
  • Leverage analytics – voice of the customer
  • Reduce costs – automation and AI
  • Integrate office operations – digital transformation
  • Reduce friction – Customer journey mapping
  • Manage customer trust – data transparency


Szczegóły: Digital Customer Experience Strategies Summit

17 września 2018

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