The purpose of business
is to create and keep a customer

Peter F. Drucker


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In a globalized world, among new technologies, complex social relations and a huge selection of products and services exists our customer. A customer who has increasing expectations towards the products or services he buys but also towards the sellers and brands themselves.


The sales process itself becomes an element of another, much more complex and strategic process - building and managing customer relations.


To make this process effective, it is necessary to change the approach to managing the organization, remodel processes, redefine the goals set for the management team, but also to appear in management boards or strengthen the role of the person responsible for customer relations - Chief Customer Officer.


Good management of the area of ​​customer relations is the key for sustainable development and good financial results of the organization. At the same time the complexity of this area and the multiplicity of external and internal factors affecting the customer relationship puts a number of challenges ahead of the CCO.


I hope that the information on this site will be useful in addressing these challenges.

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