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Engagement 3.0. A new model for Customer Engagement

Engagement 3.0. A new model for Customer EngagementAuthor: Thunderhead

Year of publication: 2014


About the report:


The study is based on in-depth research amongst 2,007 UK customers, supported by 33 in-depth interviews with Senior Leaders of customer strategies from leading businesses.


Selected results:


Key conslusions:

  1. Customers are more easily disappointed. Despite the fact that companies have access to ever more sophisticated and powerful technologies and solutions to understand their audiences, manage customer experiences and build engagement, customers believe companies have failed to improve their handling of customer relationships in the last three years.
  2. Customers are quicker to judge businesses critically and are less willing to forgive poor customer experiences that fail to meet their expectations. For the majority of customers, three negative experiences are the limit – at which point they consider switching their business to another provider.
  3. Customers are more prepared to act decisively when their relationship with a business takes a turn for the worse. With customers willing to broadcast openly to contacts through social media channels to punish poor service and experiences.



Report: Engagement 3.0. A new model for Customer Engagement


21 August 2019


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