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Sephora: "Can I help you?"
Probably each of us has experienced the situation in which we enter the store, are leisurely walking between the shelves and looking at different products, when suddenly  the shopping assistant emerges from behind the corner with a question "can I help you with something?" Some of the customers are happy because they need help, but they are ashamed to ask for it,  whereas others feel actually attacked. They think that if they needed help, they would ask for it. If they don’t do it, it means that they would like just to look around in peace and wonder if they would buy anything. It happens that "can I help you with something?" causes a counterproductive and bemused customer, feeling the expectant look of the seller, politely says "no, thank you, I just watched" and leaves the store.


In a very interesting, and yet really easy way, Sephora deals with this issue. The method is on the picture below. Choosing the right basket with which he or she moves around the store, the customer decides and at the same time lets the shop staff know if he needs help or not. No stress, without embarrassing each other, for the benefit of both sides.



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05 February 2019



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