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State of the connected customer

Author: Salesforce research

Year of publication: 2019


About the report:


The report was prepared based on the results of a survey conducted on a group of over 8,000 customers and consumers from all around the world in April 2019.


Selected results:


Key conclusions:

  1. Extraordinary Experiences Raise the Bar for Customer Engagement - 73% of customers say one extraordinary experience raises their expectations of other companies
  2. New Expectations Shift the Digital Transformation Playbook - 75% of customers expect companies to use new technologies to create better experiences
  3. Trust Becomes More Important, Yet More Elusive - 54% of customers say it’s harder than ever for companies to earn their trust.
  4. Corporate Values Sway Buying Decision - 73% of customers say a company’s ethics matter more than they did a year ago



Report: State of the connected customer




Customer engagement infographic

21 August 2019


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